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How to Send Your Own Real Estate E-Newsletter

Jim Gillespie
America's Premier Commercial Real Estate Coach sm

Are you currently publishing an E-newsletter for your clients and prospects? If you're not you're missing out on a HUGE opportunity for developing great new business!

Recently I was interviewed by Jack Peckham, the Executive Director of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society, and during this audio interview I talked about the best ways for real estate agents to write and publish E-newsletters that will make them money. Normally any audio interviews that Jack does are only available to paid members of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society, but Jack has been kind enough to allow me to provide you with a link to listen to my interview with him for FREE.

The interview is approximately 28 minutes long and during the interview I cover everything you want to know about exploding your real estate business by sending out an "E-zine" to your territory. And as you'll hear during the interview, if you don't begin to publish an E-newsletter very, very soon in your territory you may quickly lose the opportunity to successfully publish one for the rest of your career.

I also discuss an amazing new technology that will literally put your real estate prospecting and follow-up on autopilot!

If you are an agent committed to transforming your business and you don't want to let your competition get ahead of you I highly recommend that you listen to this 28-minute interview NOW!

Click Here to Listen to the Interview