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It's Time to Take Your Prospecting to the Next Level

Jim Gillespie

If you're a residential real estate agent then you definitely know about prospecting. You also know that by prospecting consistently you will definitely generate great new real estate business for yourself. But how effective are the prospecting methods that you're currently utilizing? Are they producing great new business for you and earning you commission dollars that you're absolutely thrilled with?

The prospecting methods that you utilize will greatly determine your level of success...or your level of failure in your real estate business. Many agents prospect without a clear, successful system of prospecting which leads them to feeling incredibly frustrated with their prospecting results. This is what led me to develop the new Special Report entitled How To Explode Your Real Estate Prospecting NOW! This report provides you with a new system of  prospecting that will definitely make you much more money in your real estate career. All you need to do is read the report and follow the system.

Here's what you'll learn about prospecting more effectively in this Special Report:

  • The one key ingredient that will determine your level of success (or failure) in your prospecting efforts...Learn how to be brilliant at this and watch your prospecting success literally explode!

  • A simple and extremely powerful method of follow-up to ensure that your prospects will want to work with YOU and NOT your competition...Incorporate this into your day-to-day routine and you'll stand out as the best choice your prospects could ever make in an agent

  • How to utilize curiosity in your prospecting...Get them curious and you'll then be one step closer to working with them exclusively

  • What you've been doing that's been causing your prospects to NOT want to do business with you...Learn this and start attracting new prospects instead of repelling them away from you

  • How to maximize your effectiveness with FSBOs and Expireds...These are a phenomenal business opportunities for you...Learn how to improve your results and watch your real estate success with these owners begin to take off

  • What you need to know about Internet marketing...The game has completely changed now for real estate agents...Learn the most effective ways to locate new prospects and leave your competitors completely behind you

  • The key ingredients to designing a Web site that makes you BIG money...Don't be one of those agents whose Web sites are failing them...Learn the secrets to developing great new real estate business through the Internet

  • How to build great rapport with your clients and prospects so they select YOU as the agent they'll work with...Never leave it up to chance...Learn these important steps and you'll close more prospects on working with you exclusively

  • The most powerful question to ask your prospects that will double your prospecting results overnight...Begin doing this and you'll find twice as many prospects while working the same hours as you are right now

  • How and where to network to produce the greatest results imaginable...Why waste your time networking with people who won't bring you any business? Learn where to power network with people who'll refer 25% or more of your business to you

  • How to send out mailers that brand YOU as the agent your farm wants to work with...Do this easily and effectively and you'll have people calling YOU instead of you calling them

  • And finally...learn how to enroll successful business leaders in your community in helping you find new prospects...Learn how to do this and you'll stand out as the ONE choice your prospects will definitely want to work with

If kickstarting your prospecting results and making more money NOW is something you definitely want to do, this Special Report is available for you right now. It has 70 pages of great prospecting information for you and it can be downloaded immediately and read right now with your Adobe Acrobat Reader. The price of this report is only $26.00.

Click Here to Download Now!

Click Here to Download Now!

If you're thinking about moving forward and buying this Special Report right now, I guarantee its quality to you. I suggest that you purchase the report, read it, and begin implementing the methods I've described in it right away. And if for any reason you feel that this report is not worth at least ten times your investment in it, I guarantee to refund your money to you immediately upon your request to do so for one full year after you've already purchased the report. That's how much I believe in the information that's in it.

Jim Gillespie

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