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The last few years is a time most commercial brokers would simply like to forget about. But what's in store for all of us in commercial brokerage in the months ahead? Will the coming months be better than what we've experienced over the past few years? Or will the coming months bring continued difficulty for most commercial brokers?

Join me for this teleconference when I'll tell you what's been holding the market back from completely exploding with commercial real estate transactions, and what must happen for you to begin totally swimming in an abundance of commercial brokerage transactions once again.

During this teleconference I'll share with you different approaches to help you overcome this difficult market, including one of the best approaches to find and close more transactions in this market--an approach that has recently closed more than $1 Billion in commercial real estate transactions for brokers within our industry. And it's recently resulted in more than $2 Billion in new listings for one commercial brokerage company, too!

Join me for this FREE teleconference on one of these two dates, where you'll learn where this real estate market is headed, where the great opportunities are for you to make more money, and what you must do to position yourself right now to cash in on the money!

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