Make More Money in Your
Commercial Real Estate Business

Jim Gillespie

America's Premier Commercial Real Estate Coachsm


I've spent over 20 years as a commercial real estate agent. And no matter how hard I've worked each and every year there was always someone making more money than me who seemed to be working the exact same amount of hours that I was. I kept wondering what else I needed to do to maximize the dollars I earned for the amount of time I was working.

Then it finally hit wasn't about the hours I was working, it was about what I was doing with my time each and every hour that I worked. So I began to look at how I was utilizing my time and found that while I was always extremely busy, many of the things that I was doing were not the activities that were going to make me the big money. The agents who were making over a million dollars a year were busy also, but they were busy doing the things that continually made them over a million dollars a year. So I began to recognize that all I needed to do was design a system that duplicated the exact same activities that these million-dollar earners were doing, and work the system. If I could just do this then I'd have exactly what I needed to take my own production, or any agent's production, to exactly where they wanted it to be.

Well I designed the system, and years later now I've successfully implemented this system with commercial agents all across America. One agent, a consistent $250,000.00 a year earner for 15 years, is now on track to earn over $1,000,000.00 this year. Another agent, only 28 years old, utilized my system and made over $500,000.00 in just three months. And the list of success stories goes on and on with agents from small, medium, and large-sized companies including the most recognized real estate brokerage names throughout America.

So what does all of this mean to you? Well, where are you at right now in your production in your commercial real estate business? Do you feel confident that you can make more money than you're making right now? Have you tried making more money before and still you find that you're continually falling short of making the amount of money you know you are capable of? 

If you're finally tired of doing it the hard way and you're ready to talk about what will have you make more money with much more ease, fun, and excitement in your commercial real estate career, call me or send me an E-mail and let me know. Don't get caught in the endless cycle that I see so many other agents get stuck in---continually trying to make more money while constantly staying stuck in working the same old routine. The same old routine will only produce the same old results and make you the same amount of money that you've now become used to.

When we begin working together in my one-on-one program, we'll transform your real estate business, and we'll do this through having two, three, or four one-on-one coaching sessions a month, depending on what we determine is best for you.

When you're ready to start doing your commercial real estate business differently, and start doing what will make you much more money than you're making right now, call me or E-mail me for my current coaching rates.

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